Mould/Odour removal

Does your property suffer from mould or lingering odours?

Help is at hand, our air purifying ozone technology will kill any mould, bacteria or odour at a molecular level.

Unlike some contractors we will never simply mask a nasty odour with a pleasant one temporarily solving the problem, our skilled staff will identify the root cause of the problem and remove it, once this is achieved our ozone purifiers will fill the air with O3 particles (ozone) these particles will penetrate every nook and cranny destroying any odour or illness causing bacteria.

No chemicals just clean fresh air.

Ozone generation is a natural safe way of cleansing many environments, whether it’s killing virus causing bacteria in hospitals or removing pet smells from your home our ozone technology has a use for everyone.

Our treatments can remove the following odours

  • Smoke odour
  • Pet odour
  • Urine odour
  • Mould/Damp odour
  • Cooking odours

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